Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: For screen printing, orders work best at 24 or more shirts. We will print less than that, but know that due to the lower volume, the price per shirt will come out higher. For embroidery, it is ideal to have 10 or more items, but you can run less.

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: Our standard turnaround time is 7 days for screen printing and 12 days for embroidery.

Q: Do you have samples of apparel?
A: We do have some samples of common shirts. Standard tees, common Nike Gold shirts, tri-blend tees and Comfort Colors apparel. If you are concerned about sizing and time allows, we can order a sample of the shirt you are considering.

Q: Are you open on weekends?
A: We are not open on the weekend, only Monday through Friday.

Q: What brands of apparel do you carry?
A: We carry a wide variety of apparel. Gildan, Anvil, Hanes, Port & Co., Comfort Colors, Next Level, Canvas, Bella, Rabbit Skins, Nike, A4, Richardson Cap, Colombia, Game Guard and MUCH MORE!